Rooted in Christ


Welcome to our Marian, Franciscan, Missionary Family

whose life direction is becoming a contemplative,

compassionate  presence to those most in need.


Mystery of the INCARNATION of Jesus Christnativity


Celebrating the mystery of the INCARNATION of Jesus Christ, to whom we consecrate our lives is a heavenly blessing, a remembrance of the great merciful love of God for us.

God, in his infinite mercy, expresses himself in making one of us, invites us this Christmas to create unity in the diversity of our cultures inside and outside the congregation: here, grounding our life in prayer, simplicity, joy and in love; out there, giving us the mission entirely, starting with the poorest ones, following their way of being and proceeding.

Let, therefore, Jesus be reborn in our hearts and in our lives through the birth of the UNITS that make up our SMIC Family.

May our faith be strengthened and harmony and love spread throughout our SMIC communities around the world and remain throughout the year that will soon begin.

May the lights of this Christmas help us to enlighten and strengthen our multicultural communion through the living and integration of our Franciscan spirituality. May the directions of the Congregation, grounded in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, be our guides for the time of transition we are living.

We want families, especially SMIC, as well as all the people of the world, to gather together in the joy and peace of the Child Jesus.

A happy, blessed and fruitful Christmas for each sister in particular and for the graces received to extend to our entire Congregation that lives this time of hope in its restructuring.

Our embrace and our prayers

Your sisters,

Livramento, Beatrice, Beatrix,  Gizele


   Salvador and  Belem Province Assemblies



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B sisters




US Sisters have their Annual Gathering

Public Declaration on US SMIC position on Immigration and Refugee Resettlement and  commitment to Ecological Conversion are the topics of the 2017 Assembly.

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