Rooted in Christ


Welcome to our Marian, Franciscan, Missionary Family

whose life direction is becoming a contemplative,

compassionate  presence to those most in need.








There came a sound from heaven, as of a violent wind coming, and it filled the whole  house where the Apostles were sitting.”


On Pentecost day the Divine Spirit communicated such an abundance of life to the whole Church and came to remain with us forever.

May the Holy Spirit continue to be an inspiration of infinite Love in our Congregation.

  from  the SMIC Leadership,

                                 Sr. Livramento Oliveira, Sr. Beatrice Yang

                                 Sr. Beatrix Mokwena,  Sr. Gizele Marinho


A Message from the Pope Francis



  Feature:  LEMICs–Brazilian lay associates







 Celebration in Namibia









 Missioned to our Own:

Sister Eleanor Goekler, SMIC

serves our Communities in the Philippines