Rooted in Christ


Welcome to our Marian, Franciscan, Missionary Family

whose life direction is becoming a contemplative,

compassionate  presence to those most in need.


A Social Message from the Pope Francis


 We want to create  a civilization of life–political, economic and cultural-not one of hate and greed. we want a society that is more humane, worthy of us as persons and true.  From this will emerge the communal will to protect the environment.  Pope Francis “On Care for Our Common Home”/ Laudato Si  #231



  Feature:  LEMICs–Brazilian lay associates







Celebration in Namibia









2018 Franciscan Federation honors

SMIC Peacemaker Award to:

Sister Joanne Riggs  recognized as meeting criteria embodies and openness to the other and someone who, in their service, transcends prejudices, engages in interfaith dialogue or cross-cultural ministry and witness to unity in diversity 

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100+ years of SMIC service to Paterson, NJ area residents  noted by City officials

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also included

US Sister Eva Hernandez

sees the fruit of her 1982 ministry to provide services for the poor of Paterson, NJ.

Eva’s Newsletter Spring 2018.pg.1

 Eva’s Village Street Naming