Vocational Ministry

SMIC Vocational Invitation

Each one of us has a vocation, right? But what is vocation? Vocation means a call. Understood? The Dictionary defines vocation as follows:

  1. Inclination, tendency to any career, occupation;
  2. Divine call to serve God and for Christian life.

Therefore, there are various forms of vocation,

  • To have a profession
  • To form a family
  • To seek holiness

There is a vocation for everything, a way of serving God. Vocation is a way of responding to Jesus' invitation: "Come and follow me".

From now on you will know a little more about the vocation of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God. That's right; I'm talking about the SMIC.

The SMIC Congregation has been active in the Church for over 100 years. It was founded by Bishop Amandus, a lover of St. Francis, and Mother Immaculata, who was a young teacher from Germany. Together they heard the call of God and said YES.

Today the SMIC are spread across Brazil. They are in the North, Northeast, and Southeast and even on the other side of the Continent: in the United States, Africa, Asia, and Germany.

There are no limits to evangelization. It is necessary to give ourselves in full; you have to give yourself completely. It is necessary to contemplate the Christ who suffers; the Christ of the poor.

And as a partner, the SMIC have Sr. Dulce. Dulce who welcomed the most needy; Dulce, who lived out this Charism and who is the saint of the poor. "Sr. Dulce is an example to young people about the importance of giving ourselves to the service of God. I didn't really had contact with Sister Dulce. I joined the Congregation in 1995 for a discernment experience and Sister Dulce had passed away in 1992. I remember seeing little about her on the TV and in her death there were many people, many faithful crying. Many poor people expressing gratitude for what Sister Dulce has done. For me, it shows that it is possible to be a saint today. Spirituality is very important. It is good for people to pray; it is good for us to cultivate our spirituality, but a spirituality that leads us to do something more, to get involved with poor people; to give ourselves in charity as Sister Dulce did. " (Sister Ana Lucia Pereira)

Like Sister Dulce, the SMIC are in schools in the education of children and young people; they are working with the sick in hospitals; they are working with families and wherever life is most threatened.

Be SMIC is to spread peace. Peace that is not just the absence of war, but peace that brings hope until Christ the Redeemer comes with his power and glory. To be SMIC is to be joyful; to be SMIC is to be the presence of the risen Christ; to be SMIC is to be merciful and contemplative, especially among those most in need.

If your heart beat faster, do not insist on resisting, it is the voice of Christ who calls you! LISTEN! Give your YES. Contact us and schedule your vocational experience. You will know a love without limits that will transform your whole life.