Vocational Ministry

SMIC in Brazil Belem

Dear Young People, do not forget: You are the field of Faith, you are the athletes of Christ. Many preach that it is important to enjoy the moment since we do not know what to reserve for tomorrow. I ask you to be revolutionaries, yes I ask that you reveal yourselves behind the culture of the provisional, seek the greatest treasure. Jesus has an invitation for you, be revolutionary. Experience in your Life the most beautiful love ... Have the courage to go against the current, have the courage to be happy, come and follow Jesus. (Pope Francis)

We need saints (Music)

People with love in their hearts are needed
People who sing, people who dance, people who live prayer
May you witness with your life the love that God has for us?
Sing loudly, shout to the world, and make the people hear your voice
We need saints, young saints
Saints in jeans who drink Coca-Cola and eat hot-dogs
We need saints, young saints
May they carry God in their hearts, sow peace and love their brother.

And You...

Do you want to embark on an Adventure of LOVE and DONATION?
So come and discover a beautiful story that started on the margins of the Tapajos River in Santarem-Pará-Brazil.
Holy ground! Chosen by God to plant this beautiful seed!
It all started, with the contemplative gaze of a great missionary ... And the burning desire to follow Jesus, who warmed the heart of a young German woman.
Franciscan Missionary Bishop: Dom Amandus Bahlmann.
Franciscan teacher and cured by her dear Mother Mary: Mother Immaculate.
Together, they watered and cultivated this seed. Today called: Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God - SMIC
Our Charisma: To be a contemplative and merciful Presence to all, in constant readiness for the mission of Jesus Christ, especially among those most in need.
SMIC Spirituality: Marian; Franciscan and Missionary.
Where we are: Brazil, Germany, United States, Namibia, Angola, Taiwan, Philippines, and Vietnam.
Our first saint, Dulce of the Poor.

Our Life and Mission... (Music)

In these fields, in these woods
In these lakes and streams
In these rivers, plateaus and mountains
Plains and valleys, we will announce
On the back of a beautiful horse, by boat
Or canoe, rowing in the bow to answer your call

I'm a missionary, I'm God's people
I am Indian, caboclo,(native people) mestizo making life the mission
Here in this great tapera (tent) of the Amazonian Church
I am a messenger of a God who is a brother
Hey, oh, oh, oh, oh, from a God who is brother.

Jesus Christ, our guide animates our journey
He points us the right way and with open arms
Come teach us that you have to choose
For the forgotten pilgrim brother and for him to fight

The struggle and the dream we assumed, of everyone who fell
And our mission is nourished by remembering your struggle
May the blood of these missionaries throb in your veins.
From this living Church and flood this altar

We are children of the Northern Church
Missionaries from this region
We form the community
In this geography that we have in our hands
We learn to hear the message
Of a God who speaks to us in the breeze
In the waters in the flowers on the ground


Ana introduce herself. She is a 17 year old girl who shares her joy of being a SMIC vocation. As she says: Vocation is a call from God to follow in Jesus' footsteps and make Him the center of our lives. She shares that she is seeking to respond to that call from God in her life. And she asks: do you want to join us? Do not be afraid, Jesus is calling you: "come and follow me", because it is worth to answer God's call.