General Leadership Team's Canonical Visitation to our Brazilian Sisters 2023

Tracing the history, celebrating the present, looking forward to the future

Minister General Sr. Beatrice, together with her council members, Sr. Gizele, Sr. Rosivonete, Sr. Dilecta, started the Team visitation with the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Belem)unit from 4/24-5/28. Totally they visited 15 communities, 67 sisters and 3 aspirants, 6 schools, one hospital and two social work centers. The transportation was by domestic planes, boats, and cars. And then from 6/1-6/27 they visited the Holy Cross (Salvador) Unit. Totally they visited 9 communities, 49 sisters and 1 novice, 3 schools, 2 hospitals, and a big LEMIC (SMIC Associate) group at St. Dulce's hospital. The transportation was mainly by 5-12 hours bus ride.

"This visitation has connected us more as one SMIC family. We now know each sister in person, and they are not just in the Blue Book! This is not only a visitation, but also a sacred journey to our birthplace, from where we got rooted, grew, and expanded. Many places have the footprints of our beloved founders Bishop Bahlmann and Mother Immaculata, and many dedicated fore German and Brazilian sisters who gave their life in this mission ground. A strong mission sending spirit was extremely evident because only with this spirit has made it possible to spread our missions in such a huge area in so many places! "

(Excerpt from Sr. Beatrice's Generalate Communication #10)