A year of new connections in Angola

   A new Vision Statement 

was created by the Mama Muxima (compassionate mother) Community to bring our SMIC charism to life in the Katepa, Malange Parish:

We the Community of Mama Muxima live our SMIC charism of contemplative and compassionate presence in Angola by serving the poor especially those  most  excluded. 

Our mission is to be a sign of love through SMIC presence especially to the Albino, Chinese, Women and Elders of the Katepa Parish Community.

Our mission is visible through our pastoral presence, health and educational ministries and diocesan catechetical work.

 New Connections with our SMIC family

The Angola Mission has become multicultural and is celebrating this blessing with new friends.  Through our connection with the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart from Mexico we have become acquainted with a Chinese group who are under work contract in Angola. 

Sharing cultural evenings together around foods, song and small conversation goes a long way to overcoming the distances of home, family and friends.

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