On Easter Sunday afternoon here at our Immaculata Spiritual Center, we experienced a very special and different kind of Season Offering “liturgy”. A Japanese Tea Ceremony teacher, Hashimoto Kiquko (橋本喜久⼦) from Kyoto, Japan came to Tainan to hold a Tea Ceremony for Easter.

A cup of tea both in Taiwan and Japan signifies sincerity and honor between friends.

However, Japanese has developed this simple sign into a religious “sacrament.” And whenever people do it, it is done contemplatively and beautifully in silence with great reverence.

On this Easter Sunday afternoon there were about seventy people, believers, and nonbelievers, Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists and Taoists, sat together in the meditation hall.

In the beginning of the ceremony, the first cup of tea was brought to the altar and offered to Jesus Christ the risen Lord. All the participants sat silently and did only the following things: observed the teacher making tea cup by cup; reverently received the tea brought to you by the server; and drank the tea with gratitude.

The entire “liturgy” was carried on in silence and it lasted for two hours.

It was indeed a deep, contemplative experience of life, peace and love of Easter