St. Anthony Hospital, Alenquer, Brazil


For many years the Missionary Sisters have been the only hospital health care providers for the Region that is based in Alenquer, Brazil.  This river Community has depended on the Missionary Sisters to work with the municipal, state and federal government system to provide care for the poor.   St. Anthony Hospital provides services for all with about 98% of its patients living in low income status and without health insurance .

Recently, the Sisters were able to negotiate a contract with the government to build a 10 bed Intensive Care Unit, and to rebuild the hospital’s  laundry, sterilization unit, kitchen facility and morgue.  This is a major gift to this non profit hospital that, through the intercession of St. Anthony has been able to keep its doors open through the year and to provide excellent care to those seeking care.
































 “We are one in the love of God”

From the 16th to the 21st of 2018, we SMIC Sisters met with hope and joy at Dom Amando  convent to carry out our last Provincial Assembly and the Installation of the Unit of Holy Cross with the theme “We are all Sisters”.  Between dreams and filled with trust, we embarqued in search of a new road.  To help us on this journey, a transition ritual divided into three stages: 1. To administer  2. To administer a neutral zone (passage) 3. Administer a new beginning

The mixture of feelings was visible in each lived moment of the Assembly,  including those of  longing, loss, joy, concern, hope, trust…above all, in the moment in which our Minister General, Sr. Maria do Livramento read the letter of dissolution of the Province calling it a Unit.

After participating in the discernment process, a choice of a new leadership team was undertaken.  The following were selected: Sr. Sivia Corado do Amaral- Unit Coordinator, Sr.Vânia Maria Marques Branco- Coordinator of Institutions and Sr. Helena de Carvalho- Coordinator of Mission and Charism.

Certain that God leads us to the present moment and certain that He will continue to do so, we place our life in Him  in this new history that is beginning, seeking to live true UNITY.

Sr. Marta Helena de Carvalho                      SEE PHOTO GALLERY FOR PICTURES