Mission and Spirit of the Congregation


Namibia 50 years

The roots of the mission and spirit of our Congregation, a religious institute of pontifical right dedicated to apostolic works and to the evangelical ideal of St. Francis, are grounded in the mission of Jesus, who was anointed by the Spirit and was sent by the Father.  This mission and spirit was made concrete in Marian-Franciscan spirituality and in the charism o four Founders, Bishop Amandus Bahlmann and Mother Immaculata Tombrock.  These enduring roots continue to nourish the life of our Congregation and

give form and direction to our mission.



The mission of Christ is continued in His Church and through Him we are called to share in His mission.  We strive to proclaim the Gospel message, to build up the community of faith, and to collaborate for the growth of humankind as a whole, thus giving glory to god, our Father.

( Our Constitutions Chapter I, 1-2)



Congregational Vision Statement  2016


Moving more deeply into our founding spirit as Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God and living into the richness of unity, we joyfully embrace the future with the continual living out of our charism:


To be a contemplative and compassionate presence to all,

in constant readiness for Jesus Christ’s mission,

especially among the most needy

Rooted in Jesus Christ like Dom Amando and Mother Immaculata, our passion for mission impels us to take creative action in the face of the suffering of God’s people and the destruction of creation. We will dialogue, collaborate, educate and heal in order to promote life in our globalized and pluralistic world.

Our journey together leads us to continual growth and constant conversion in order to show our world how God’s reign is made present in our love for one another.

Our prophetic voice is strengthened by our unity in diversity and readiness for mission, thus we consciously invest in the formation of our sisters, in the adaptation of our structures and in the contemplation of our common heritage.

We courageously enter this new time in our history as women of hope and as witnesses to the power of the Gospel.


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Moved by our God, the Giver of Life, we Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God celebrated the XV General Chapter in Taiwan. The inspiring theme “That we may all be one” called us to listen to the Holy Spirit to be open to embrace this new moment hopefully and joyfully.

Through genuine dialogue and communal discernment, we courageously embark on a new journey with a spirit flowing from the mission heart of our founders. It leads us to a spirituality which enriches community life, enlivens the mission spirit and deepens our care for all creation. In addition, it challenges us to bring our unity in diversity as a gift to a world torn apart by violence and hatred.


Congregational Directions

  • Unity in Diversity

Our sensitivity to the cry for human dignity that comes from the global cultural realities impels us to strengthen our multi-cultural communion within and outside of SMIC Community.


  • Prayer

In creative fidelity to our SMIC charism we commit ourselves to develop our integrated Franciscan spirituality keeping us open to continuous conversion.


  • Ministry

We are determined to respond to a clear call to mission beyond borders. This motivates us to courageously expand our mission networking.


  • Ecological Conversion

In Franciscan reverence, we respond to the pain of Mother Earth by committing ourselves to intensify our ecological solidarity.



SMIC Congregation in conjunction with membership in FABS ( Franciscan Congregations  with American and Brazilian Sisters)

April 27, 2018

Do not be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good. – Romans 12:21

We, as leaders and members of congregations of Franciscans with American and Brazilian Sisters [FABS], share our deep distress, concern and prayerful support for our sisters and brothers in Syria, who are suffering   the cruel and inhumane effects of violence and chemical warfare at the hands of their own government leaders. The most innocent and defenseless citizens of that country, women and children, are the victims of this outrage which some have called another holocaust.

We urge the leaders of our governments and our churches in the United States, in Brazil and in other countries to call for action that will help and provide aide to innocent victims and restore their safety and health. We ask our leaders to enter into dialogue with the leaders in Syria and other countries to work to promote peace and the care and dignity of all people, especially women and children. We stress the need for a complete ban of the use of all chemical weapons. 

We request that our members, our associates and partners in ministry share this message with others as we issue a call for prayer, action, and a swift end to this humanitarian crisis. Let us beg God for an intervention of mercy and justice on behalf the people of Syria, and all whose lives are being shattered by the ravages of war throughout the world.

Our vision impels us to use our talents as gifts to contribute to the building of the Reign of God.  Such examples are especially featured in the section on Mission-stories