A Day of Confirmation in Gobabis / Namibia


   by Sr. Francis

It was indeed a day of joy of peace. Parents, God-parents, Family and Friends were gathered here in Gunichas to celebrate this special day with us. Especially the newly confirmed candidates, 51 in total.  We were having His Excellency Archbishop Liborious N. Nashenda in our midst. The Mass was presided over by His Excellency  the Archbishop, our Parish Priest Fr. Raymond Shikesho, and the Deacon Michael Kasati, from Blauberg.



      In his homily his Excellency addressed mostly the newly confirmed candidates, reminding them of this memorable day in their lives and in their Christian journey. They should always live a life worthy to receive Christ. To lived in the spirit of love and hope. He was stressing God’s compassion and mercifulness.  That God will never reject us. We all should imitate God in His mercifulness by being kind and good to our brothers and sisters.  He encouraged us from John’s Gospel:   If we want to enter God’s kingdom:  “Love me by loving your brothers and sisters.  We should keep Gods commandments if we wish to remain in His peace.


They have been sent out (Like the early Apostles)

  • They should always be ready to proclaim the good news.
  • Not ever to abandon their faith.
  • To be always willing to participate in Church activities and Be proud to be Catholic
  • Sr. Emeresiana Hawanga (SMIC)                              
  • I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude for the chance I had to experience the Mission work of our two Brazilian Provinces. As you have been updated through our monthly report, I would really not have much to say because everything about the life in Brazil is in the previous reports.
  • Leaving my country to Brazil was a great excitement, the people in Brazil are so friendly and full of hospitality, I haven’t found myself as a foreigner but as a Brazilian native. Well, food was a bit different from Namibian food but I got adjusted to it, I loved the weather in Bahia the evergreen part of the country.
  • During this year we have visited the two provinces in Brazil and I have seen how the sisters are serious at work (pastoral), and I was touched. It surely costs a lot of energy and strength to run a hospital or school, I was inspired by their work and I was encouraged by their commitment in the mission work. Sisters are so lovely, to my surprise every community we visited, sisters welcomed us with gifts; sometimes I couldn’t find enough space because I always carried a small suitcase. My heart was moved when I arrived in Santarem, the place of our birth, the holy ground where our founders walked and worked around the Amazon River, only tears that express my feelings. All was just a leaning from our SMIC history but now I have seen, touched and smelled the freshness our history. Thanks for the opportunity.
  • Challenge: as we all know that the 2016-2017 common formation Asia was the dominant culture just to be honest with you; I got hard time to live among them especially after Sr. Beatrix’s departure to Namibia. I found myself in the air, but what I have always believed is that God is always with me. I have become more matured and stronger because I put all that I went through as positive; the more difficulties came in my way, the more I grew from the lower to the upper. I was able to handle things maturely and calmly. One of the things was due to cultural differences, good I had to bear the burden but I had been motivated by sayings of the leaders: “be aware and sensitive on other people’s values,“ especially when we learned about cultural sensitivity and community building given by Srs. Beatrix and Silvia.
  • My life became a bit delighted when we Sr. Veronica arrived, everything became better. She challenged everyone to live a real life, not an artificial one, and stirs us up to participate and contribute fully. Through her leadership skills she helped me to act positively and to be myself.
  • I am also thankful to my fellow sisters for being together with them during the common formation program. Through challenges that we went together, in diversity we have learned to leave together as SMIC sisters. We are blessed for been in an international Congregation because through that we become more aware of our culture and others cultures, customs and feelings of others as well. And that is how we show the world that we can live together as one family even though we have cultural differences. My thanks to my three formators Sr. Veronica, Silvia and Beatrix for accompanying me during this year and especially to my province/Namibia for giving me this opportunity and contribution to my stay in Brazil in different ways.    
  • My gratitude to our Generalate and to all who contribute to our common formation program, may God blesses you all.    
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