Belem Assembly 2017




From, Sr. Ana Lúcia Pereira SMIC



You see, I’m doing something new: it’s sprouting now, and do not you see? (Isaiah 43,19).

It was necessary to open our eyes and heart to walk the path of the dynamics of the provincial assembly that took place on 10-15 October in the Province of the Holy Cross. Praise God for harmony, tranquility, peace and seriousness.

We received a bean sprout germinating at the beginning of the assembly, to care for as a symbol of our walk and every day to water, pay attention, see the process that happened to break the earth and grow.

All of us were able to experience that something new was already emerging in our midst because the collaboration of all the Sisters was very good. We were eager to embrace this new moment, everything was very well organized. We worked in groups where grassroots and consensus table facilitators played their part very well. Together we perceive the lightness of the Spirit of God guiding us.

Spirituality was the culmination; we had time to contemplate, to delve into our interior to hear and identify not only our feelings but what the other was saying. We felt that the sharing of faith helped us a lot to pray more intensely and all the sisters were able to express the richness of spirituality. Frei Moacir Casagrande enriched us with the reflection of the gospel and reminded us that “Transitional Spirituality” is moving us to a process of passage, and this requires of each of us a constant conversion for the Spirit to speak.

We realize that communication between us must be trained to better growth of compassion and human integration, to know how to dialogue through nonviolent communication is God’s grace for our community life. Our dear Sister Livramento facilitated this moment with simplicity and lightness and we did some training exercises from the explanation of the theme.

We are also grateful for the great help of Sister Janis Jordan, who is always ready to help us understand the whole process of restructuring.

May the God of life help us to cultivate, care for and embrace the new that has come. May we be consecrated joyful, mystical, women of good fraternal coexistence, who open our hearts to see that new things spring between us and together we can be stronger.






The Belem Province met October 5-9, 2017 to discuss the implementation of the General Chapter Acts as well as to prepare for the restructuring of the Province as a Unit of the Congregation that will take place within a few years.

The Assembly included faith sharing as its daily prayer and small group table discussions being further enlarged with information and facilitation by Fr. Moacir Casagrande, Sisters Livramento Oliveira and Janis Jordan.

From 05 to 09 of October all members of the Belem Province were invited to participate in the historical Assembly to decide if we continue to be a Province or to change our form of government. We followed the decisions of the 2016 General Chapter. To help us to study, to reflect and to decide we had three illustrious facilitators: our General Minister, Sr. Livramento, Father Moacir Casagrande, OFM Cap., and Sr. Janis Jordan, SMIC. They helped us to understand the dynamic of the Assembly and how to work in groups and get a good final result.

We paused for several moments to reflect and to work on the process of transition, to prepare ourselves in the spirituality of transition of the Congregation. We focused on: the principles of the community discernment, the nonviolent communication and the Directions and Actions for the Congregation.

It was very efficient the way the three worked with us to create a climate of prayer at the ambient of work. We kept total silence during the time when we stayed at the conference room. That situation was very useful to work and get good results. We worked with calm and in good understanding. When we finished the Assembly, we knew that we

were ready to be a Province no longer. We were prepared to follow the steps for the new situation of the Congregation.

by,  Sr. Maria José


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