asia vowsRenewal of Vows: Srs. Lydia Phạm, Joyce Hà and Jennifer Ngô

(from left to right)

November 25, 2017, Tainan, Provincialate

Holy Name of Jesus Province



Reflections from Common Formation Program 2016-17

From, Sr. Scholastica

It is a grace-filled year for us. I would like to express my special thanks to each sister who has given us so much encouragement, support and prayers. We are approaching the end of the program. I especially feel that this is a year long pilgrimage fulfilled by God’s guidance and blessings. We were always warmly and joyfully accepted by our sisters in each community we had visited. Although our Portuguese is very poor, it was not an obstacle for our interaction and communication with each other. There is no feeling of “dis-acquaintance” and distance. Once again, thank you all my dear sisters.

From, Sr. Maria Goretti

       My life in Brazil is full of grace and blessing during this year and I felt God’s love. God gave me an opportunity for my growth, I am full of peace and gratitude to Him. In this year, I had a great experience that I never had before and it has broadened my horizons. Through the courses I took and daily life events, I learned how to be in unity as a member of the SMIC family in acceptance of cultural differences. I do really appreciate it.

       I would like to thank the sisters in both provinces of Brazil for the loving care that they have showed to me, for their hospitality and thoughtfulness. I felt a deep sense of belonging though we are from different cultures and yet we are all one in the SMIC family. It is a great honor for me to step on the foundation land of our congregation, to go through the congregational historical site where our fore sisters once left their footprints with their loving heart and hard work.

My heart is full of gratitude after one year of common formation experience in Brazil and I am very grateful for being part of the SMIC family. This will be the most meaningful year in my life.

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