A Spiritual Roaming Day



Our plan for a day of  “spiritual roaming”  for us temporary professed Sisters was almost ruined by the weather report of a possible typhoon even while the slight autumn wind of September was upon us.  Once again we found out that trusting God is still the best thing to do in cases such as these.  On September 16th our hope was realized as we awoke to a sunny Sunday day.

The Sisters of the  Sinying Community, along with Sister Lucia  arrived at the Yintian Mountain House, also known as “Hokkaido” preparing it for our arrival.  We made our way from  our Tainan Convent to this wondrous mountain place where the mood is naturally relaxed.  Here we first prayed the Canticle  Song of the Creatures  of St. Francis.  This was a blessing  to our soul roaming this day.  This was followed by a shared  rich lunch.   Looking at the smiles on each of our photos, one can feel how happy and satisfied our hearts are!  While our time was short,   immersed in the beauty of nature our hearts were most happy to spend this time with one another.  We give a strong “Thank you” to our mentors  Srs. Cecilia Lin and Lucia Xiu for arranging this happy experience for us.