A pilgrimage in Honduras





From March 18th to 25th,  an interfaith solidarity  Root Causes Pilgrimage has been organized under three sponsors: Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, the Unitarian Interfaith Movement for Human integrity through the Unitarian Church and the SHARE Foundation.  The 70 respondents  from many of the US states and Canada have been in preparation since the beginning of February to pray and reflect on this mission where they are being invited to open their hearts

  • To learn about the root causes of violence and poverty driving people away from their homes
  • To learn about the US government’s role in deepening the humanitarian crisis in Honduras
  • To learn what the Honduran people would like Americans (and other international advocates) to do to support them in their struggle for democracy, rule of law, economic well-being, and protection of those struggling for their rights.
  • To accompany our sisters and brothers in Honduras to express our love and solidarity and to commit ongoing support for them in the spirit of San Romero.
  • To be able to educate your community about the real causes of the mass exodus from Honduras.
  • To be able to educate your Congressional Representatives about the root causes of emigration from Honduras and urge them to support legislation and other policies to stop harming the Honduran people and adhere to US and international law regarding the treatment of asylum seekers.
  • To help change the government and media narrative of border security from blaming those seeking protection to addressing the reasons why people choose the dangerous journey to the US border.

For Sister Janice, the challenge is not expected to be the actual visit and presence she will give to the Honduran people but rather the return commitment to be politically active in defense of the people: “I really don’t like going to visit governmental representatives as I feel so lacking the power of words that can convince those having a hard heart because of  their own personal investments to protect their images in political office.  Nevertheless, I know this is what I must do.” 

Also making this Pilgrimage is Norah Nolan Cramer, SMIC Associate.   Norah has an active ministry in her parish with migrants and an international experience of solidarity with the dispossessed and suffering.