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Receives a visit of solidarity from Santa Clara School


On the final day of May-2016, students, alumni, teachers and the administration of Santa Clara School from Santarem were in Alenquer to know up-close the reality of the health of the city, especially that of St. Anthony Hospital. A group of 29 persons, partners and “multipliers” of the “Solidarity Heart Project, be a permanent donor” of the Hospital embrace the cause of solidarity and mercy.

The group provided a time of Spirituality for the collaborators highlighting the Parable of the Sower and of the Good Samaritan as well as a talk on the mercy of God and the needy, They visited the sites of the Hospital that are led by the collaborators; held a blitz of the City streets to show the Project, the benefits that the Project gives to the community and bringing them to know in a general way the Alenquer people. As well, there was also a time of fun at the Betania House. Before the trip there was Mass at the mother church for which the Hospital was responsible to prepare.

The Hospital Family thanked the presence of the missionaries who brought much enthusiasm and energy to this challenging mission which is “to care for a world of peace and good.” May St. Anthony intercede to God for all . Amém.


St. Antônio Hospital in Solidarity with the

Bulandeira Community – Alenquer


On the 14th of May the St. Anthony Hospital, together with collaborators went to the Bulandeira Community to present a Solidarity Action commemorating the day of the Health Worker and week for Nurses where community health outreach is offered: Doctors, Nurses, Nutritionists Odontologists, Laboratory, Physical Therapists and Social Service. Dr. Ronaldo Rabelo e Dr. Osvaldo Figueiredo, were the medical team responsible for medical consultations and lab exams.

Nursing: this service provided the PAP exam for uterine cancer early detection and prevention, followed by orientations on breast self-exam and other health educational information


Nutrition: evaluated weight, height index of body mass, oriented in nutrition with some pathologies such as gastritis, hypertension, diabetes and obesity. According to the nutritionist this service is important as poor people do not have access to individualized nutritional services .

Odontology: dental and oral hygiene were taught by a technician Fluoride treatment was given to 30 patients and dental extractions of baby teeth on 8 patients with extraction of permanent teeth on 22 patients for a total of 60 patients receiving care. (Odontologist Dr. Fagner)

Laboratory: 42 persons were attended for lab work including complete hemograms, fasting sugars, urinalysis and parasite exams. On a second day the results were returned to the patients. And HIV, Syphilis and HCV –a total of 120 exams were performed

Physical Therapy: This service was proved by a team: Dr. Lucivane Rocha, Dr. Michele Panfilio e Dr. Paula Araújo. It included the following: Initial therapeutic evaluation, group stretching, manual therapies and massages, oritentations about body posture, positioning and health cares. This service was provided to 50 people.

The “Heart Solidarity” project was also shared by the Sisters and collaborators of St. Anthony Hospital. Because of the bad public administration of health in Alenquer -which is not different in other cities in Brazil we can’t wait for the politicians who care for their own interests, we cannot wait to begin programs. For this reason we are invited to be and to make a difference “Care for a world of peace and good”. For this reason, we the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception and collaborators of St. Anthony Hospital want to be a presence among the most in need.

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